The Crown Season 4 Episode 5 and Episode 6 Recap

The Crown Season 4 Episode 5 and Episode 6 Recap

The Crown Season 4 Episode 5 and Episode 6 Recap

In the previous episodes of Netflix’s The Crown, Charles and Diana married, and Margaret Thatcher led a war against Argentina for the Falklands. The Crown Season 4 Episode 5 followed Michael Fagan who broke into the Queen’s bedroom, and The Crown Season 4 Episode 6 documented Charles and Diana’s trip tour of Australia.


Michael Fagan was a man down on his luck. His ex-wife was seeing another man and wouldn’t let him see their children. He was unemployed long term and living off assistance from the government. He broke into Buckingham Palace twice. The second time, he successfully entered Elizabeth’s bedroom.

Fagan wanted to explain to Elizabeth the struggles of normal people in England. He wanted to warn her that Margaret Thatcher’s war in Argentina was costing money that should’ve gone to helping the 3 million unemployed people in the country. Elizabeth listened and promised to take his perspective into consideration. Unfortunately, he was arrested and committed to a mental hospital. Philip dismissed him as crazy, and Downing Street responded only to the need to beef up security.

A Moment’s Peace

The Crown Season 4 Episode 5 and Episode 6 Recap

Charles and Diana were set to tour Australia for months, and Elizabeth and Philip encouraged them. Diana insisted that baby William accompany them. In Woomargama, Diana and Charles finally confronted each other and found common ground in their need for encouragement and support. Surprisingly, Charles confessed to her that he loved her, and they spent the rest of the first leg of their tour happy together.


The Crown Season 4 Episode 5 and Episode 6 Recap

The Australian people loved Diana, so much that they booed Charles while he played polo. Anne pointed out to Elizabeth as they watched them on TV that Charles would resent her. At an event, Charles gave a speech where the audience laughed at Diana’s expression. They argued, and it spurred on an unhappy final leg of the tour. Meanwhile, Diana continued to binge and purge. The newly elected Australian Prime Minister remarked to Charles that Diana had prevented the Australian people from supporting a break from the Commonwealth.

Back in England, Charles and Diana left the airport separately. Diana met with Elizabeth to talk about the resentment she felt from Charles, Anne, and the Queen herself. She hugged Elizabeth, who appeared uncomfortable, and claimed that all she sought was her approval and acceptance. When Elizabeth discussed this with the other women in the family, the Queen Mother assured her that she would bend and accept her role.

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