A Psychopath vs Young Lovers in Trailer for Horror Film ‘Chop Chop’

Chop Chop Trailer

“We need to go… Now.” Gravitas + Kamikaze Dogfight have released an official trailer for an indie horror film titled Chop Chop, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Rony Patel. The film is hitting VOD next month just before Halloween, for anyone interested. Chaos ensues when a serial killer psychopath targets a loving young couple who might be harboring a secret of their own. An innocent night at home is ruined when he shows up, but there might be more to the lovers than meets the eye. The cast includes Atala Arce, Jake Taylor, David Harper, Mikael Mattsson, Jeremy Jordan, Mike Thompson, & James McCabe. This looks extra bloody and extra brutal, and made with a very low budget. Check this out below.

Here’s the first official trailer (+ poster) for Rony Patel’s Chop Chop, direct from YouTube:

Chop Chop Poster

An innocent night between a young couple takes a very bizarre turn when a psychotic serial killer comes knocking at the door. As the couple starts to fend for their lives, we soon learn there might be more to the lovers than meets the eye. A long fight for survival leads them into a series of unsettling encounters within the criminal underworld. Chop Chop is directed by Indian-American filmmaker Rony Patel, making his feature directorial debut after a few other short films previously. The screenplay is written by Rony Patel and Andrew Ericksen. This hasn’t premiered at any film festivals or elsewhere, as far as we know. Gravitas + Kamikaze Dogfight will debut Patel’s Chop Chop direct-to-VOD starting on October 20th. Want to watch?

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